Support for nature and conservation projects through a wide range of knowledge on different species groups.

Habitats form the backbone of biodiversity. With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of habitats and the ecology of species, we support communities, cantons as well as the federal government in nature conservation planning and specific improvement projects. Traditional tasks include nature inventories and nature conservation concepts. However, advising cantons and communities on how to deal with invasive plant species is just as much a part of this area as connectivity projects or conservation concepts for protected areas.

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With our many years of experience in planning and realisation and our team of specialists from a wide range of disciplines, we are also able to solve complex tasks. One example is the evaluation key for replacement measures for protected habitats commissioned by the FOEN. Innovative approaches to habitat improvement are also pursued, e.g. in the project "Effect of earlier cutting on the species community of fens and dry meadows".